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Our story

It all started in a trivial room, in a hostel, when two minds conceived an idea about revolutionizing the present age by bringing together two of the most basic yet powerful fields- Art and Technology. After a lot of research about a lot of things involved with this particular idea, these two minds found yet another brain which added that nothing could realize this idea much better than the powerful pen of Education itself. Thus, was formed the basic motto and goal to kickstart which although seems quite paltry and trivial but is quite great and noble. With the advent of time and thoughts joined new psyches and new psyches meant new cognizance, new ideas and a lot more. Hence was formed the core team of RAT. 

Then, for a worldly countenance we, after a lot of permutations, combinations and of course contemplation came with the name, “RAT” which we derived from our motto/tagline itself i.e., “Redefining Art and Technology”. Apart from just names we also drew some inspiration for this name from a movie which shows how deft a rat (the real one) can be, at things. Nevermind, a name’s just a name and this one we just decided to keep for ourselves.

That’s it. Thus began our team with all its people, resources, motto and objectives and voila! Here we are before you trying to put our petty yet sincere effort, knowledge and resources for the betterment of this nation’s youth for they are the ones who hold the key to a brighter future.