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We are customized, with the needs of our customers, and place them as our priority.
The most important part of our services, is the world of imagination, we offer.RAT is a hub for many exhibitions of arts and crafts, and a lead sponsor of them.
The world of today's, is modernized. The science that has always been its back end, has inspired the technological growth. And so do we, offer various technical projects and seminars to the modern generation.
We can't grow, till we are together. The world of today, needs everyone's contribution and ideas. RAT remains a step ahead, to provide education as a commons for everyone, in need.

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Redefining Art & Technology (RAT) is a homogenized mode of divulging academic and practical knowledge in the field of science, research and engineering to the students. We at RAT are Dedicated to Imbibe in the Young Indian Minds, a Zeal for Ever-Amazing & Ever Evolving Art & Technology, via Education. After a Lot of Research & Surveys, we found that while our Youngsters have the Potential, there’s still Lacunae in the Teaching Paradigm and the Resources used for the same. Therefore, we have taken up the Quest to Bridge this Gap by Conducting various Workshops, Seminars, Events, Tutorial, meet-ups & Social services Nationwide whilst also providing Quality Resources and Concerned Materials. In RAT, students explore their minds for more practical exposure in fields of robotics, astronomy and space technologies, embedded and circuitry applications and automobiles. Together with our partner schools and colleges, we put technology in the hands of students and engage them with practical learning.

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Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar

DIRECTOR, Business Development Officer

Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar

HoD, Automobile, Arts & Craft

Umashree G.
Umashree G.


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